The Preferences window is accessible through main menu under Edit / Preferences. The map and data transfer settings as well as the work area and grid settings can be changed in this window. Choosing Save as Default means these parameters will be loaded automatically for each new map.

Edit Mode Colors allow user to define colors of edges and nodes used in edit mode.

If Max. Contrast is checked, edge and node colors are darkened or brightened according to the edited object background. Max. Contrast can make edited objects more visible.

Characters Encoding. This option allows to display special characters (like Chinese, Slavic ...) on the GPS by setting an appropriate characters codepage to the map. Technical note: only ANSI characters which codes fit into single byte are supported. Unicode is not supported.

Transfer Speed. Use this control to set speed of the map upload. If you encounter problems with loading maps into GPS, decrease the transfer speed. This parameter affects only the serial data transfer (i.e. very old Garmin GPS units). Speed of USB data transfer is set automatically.