Commands in this menu allow access to separate tools for maps creation, processing and uploading. These commands do not affect current map in the work area of Mapwel. They work mostly with files stored on disc.

Upload IMG File to GPS launches the MapUpload.exe program, which allows user to upload one or several IMG map files into the GPS unit. MapUpload does not perform any checking if IMG file is correct. This function is intended to allow user to upload map files that he/she has created in other software. MapUpload also allows user to wrap multiple IMG files into self-extracting .exe file. It is also possible to embed author's logo and map set image, and optionally lock maps to a specific GPS ID number. However, protection method currently used in MapUpload is not secure. MapUpload can be used with command line to avoid manual insertion of img files into the list. Use command (in a .bat file, for example) in form MapUpload.exe file1.img file2.img file3.img to load multiple img files to MapUpload. Note: MapUpload.exe is a separate program that can be found in the Mapwel folder. Unlike Mapwel itself, MapUpload is FREEWARE and it can be distributed separately. It cannot be sold.

Download Free Maps. This command opens window with Downloader tool for downloading of large map set from OpenStreetMap servers and its automatic conversion into routable maps. This tool works only if your computer is connected to internet. It is supposed to be used with Advanced version of Mapwel. Maps downloaded with unregistered or Basic version of Mapwel are usable in GPS, but they are marked with 'Trial Map' labels and they are not routable.

OSM Splitter. This tool can be used to split and (optionally) compile large OpenStreetMap OSM files.

Merge IMG files. Use this command to merge several IMG maps into a single file. This command is useful if you want to prepare maps for iQue, Nuvi, Zumo, Colorado, Dakota, Oregon or Nüvifone manually. Otherwise, Mapwel software makes all map operations (transfer, add map, erase, erase specific map) and user does not need to use this command.

Batch Conversion. Use this command to access window for batch conversion of multiple MPW, MP, GPX, KML, KMZ, OSM or DBX map files into the Garmin IMG format. First, select files to convert into the Map Files Table. Then choose the destination folder for the IMG files and hit Compile button. List of source files can be stored on disc with use of menu > List > Save command for later re-use. This function works only in Advanced version of Mapwel.

Google > Launch Google Maps. Use this command to compare your map created in Mapwel software with satellite image or Google map. It is useful when it is not clear what kind of object the data you are working from represent. This command opens separate web browser window and launches Google Maps web site with map, satellite or hybrid image of the area of your map created in Mapwel software.