OSM Files Splitter

OpenStreetMap files are often too large for processing in Mapwel software in a direct, simple way. The world map in OSM file format currently has about 170 gigabytes. Users often need to process file that are hundreds or thousands of megabytes large. Current version of Mapwel software is supposed to work OSM files with size up to 200 megabytes (assuming that computer has at least 2 gigabytes of RAM memory). If you need to process larger files, please use split tool described below.

The OSM splitter is tool for division of large OpenStreetMap files into smaller tiles and their optional conversion into IMG and Mapwel MPW format. This tool is accessible via main menu > Tools > OSM Splitter command. The window that appears allows to select OSM file to split, define tiles, edit mapset properties and to save tiles into OSM, MPW (optional) and IMG (optional) formats. Conversion to routable IMG formats requires Advanced version of Mapwel.

How to split the OSM file

Splitting large OpenStreetMap file in Mapwel

Cropped area set so that polylines exceeding the area of interest are eliminated to reduce problems with coastline and sea objects generation. 
Small black labels indicate the approximate number of nodes in tiles. Intensity of brownish color indicates the nodes density. 
Nodes density helps user to decide where the map should be divided.

If you split really large files (3 gigabytes or more), it is not recommended to use conversion to MPW and IMG format during splitting. In the first pass, just split large OSM file into several smaller OSM files, about 1 or 2 gigabytes in size. For example, if your file is 5 gigabytes large, divide it into 4 smaller OSM files. Then, in the second pass, you can split each of those smaller OSM files further and use conversion at the same time. Mapwel stores boundaries and mapset data of each split tile to disc (*.INI file), so when you open descendant *.osm file for second pass, the crop (boundary) and mapset info is restored from respective *.INI file.