Edit switches selected object to editing mode.

Group is function for combining several objects into one for easier manipulations. This lets you apply the same transformations, properties and other changes to all the objects within the group at the same time.

Use Ungroup function to divide grouped objects.

Delete Duplicate (Identical) Objects - data imported from some sources (OpenStreetMap files, for example) may contain duplicate objects. If these objects are routable roads, they may cause problems during compilation to IMG file format or while using in GPS. This function identifies and deletes all duplicate objects in the map.

Sort Colors function changes order of selected objects so that objects of the same color are in the successive order.

Sort Types changes order of selected objects so that Areas are listed first, Lines are next and then Points of Interest, Exits, Cities and Map Features. This function helps you to organize objects in your map.

Sort Names function sorts selected objects alphabetically.

Sort Sizes function sorts selected objects according to their size.

User Defined Styles command launches editor of filled areas, lines and symbols

Properties command opens the window with properties of selected objects and map parameters.

Calculate item contains submenu with commands for calculation of of area and perimeter of selected polygon(s) and length of selected line(s).