Map ID Tab

Map ID Tab Icon

These settings apply for the whole map. These settings are supposed to be used only by an expert user. If you upload your maps directly into GPS with Mapwel software or MapUpload utility, you do not need to change default values.

Each map contains ID number, which should be unique among maps that are present in the single GPS unit at the same time.

Mapwel software generates internal map ID automatically from map coordinates and creation time.

This tab allows to define map ID manually and/or set the map ID as a filename for export of map into the IMG and MP format, which can be useful if you want to use map in other software programs.

Map Set Data

allow user to define set to which the map belongs. If two maps belong to different map sets, they are listed as a separate items in the Map Information menu in GPS. This allows user to switch on/off individual map sets in GPS. Sub-region ID does not affect the map set definition. It is reserved for future use.

Map Set Data also affect the way of how user-defined colors and styles are used by GPS. Maps within the map set share the same user defined styles, i.e. all maps with same Map Set Data are displayed with same colors and patterns. Assign different Map Set Data to all your maps if they contain user defined styles. This ensures displaying of map with correct colors in the GPS.