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These settings apply for the whole map.

Map Name is the text displayed in GPS device as a name of the map

Copyright text is coded in the map file and it is usually displayed during the GPS start-up or in Map Information menu. Each GPS type may display the copyright text in other way.

If map is Transparent, it is uploaded into the GPS without the background area and it overlays the GPS base map or other maps located on the same position, letting the underneath maps show through. Use this setting if you want to add details to an existing map in the GPS.

Please note: many line objects are displayed in a different way if the map is transparent.

Address Format defines mutual position of house, street, city and zip code data fields in the Points of Interest address (see the POI Tab above) as it is displayed in the GPS.

Precision / Data Size. If map is drawn with use of curves, this control allows user to set to how many lines the curves are converted when map is uploaded into GPS (as the GPS accepts only the lines). Mapwel provides curves for easier drawing of map and for precision control. Once the map is drawn in curves, user can adjust the size of data according to available memory in GPS.

Low Precision High Precision

Map Draw Priority affects order in which overlapping maps are displayed by the GPS. Map with higher Draw Priority is drawn on top of the overlapping map with lower Draw Priority, unless the second map is transparent. Transparent maps are always drawn on top of the non-transparent maps, even if they have lower Draw Priority.

User Defined Styles check box allows to switch on/off saving of the user defined styles into the map file when exporting map into IMG file or uploading map to GPS device. It does not affect the storage of user styles in source *.MPW file.