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Affiliate program for sale of Mapwel GPS mapping software

is available for vendors who would like to promote Mapwel software on their website. When visitor clicks from the affiliate's website through to our web site and purchases the Mapwel software immediately or within few weeks, the affiliate receives a commission. For more details, please contact

Customers support:

Customers support is available in English and German language. Please excuse not finding phone number on our web site. We are small family company located in Slovak Republic (Europe). We are not fluent in spoken English and we are not able to talk to you over the phone. Please use e-mail to contact us.

Please include transaction number (if you have already purchased our products) and all previous correspondence when replying to our e-mails. Do not use several e-mail addresses in communication with us. Unsigned e-mails may be delayed in answering.

Didn't receive answer from us within three working days? Please click here to find out possible cause.

Distribution Requirements and Allowances for Mapwel Software Products

  1. Unregistered versions of Mapwel software products may be uploaded to World Wide Web,  added to compact disks or other media issued as part of magazines, or added to media with products of other companies.
  2. No files in Mapwel software products may be removed or modified. Any files added by anyone other than Mapwel must clearly indicate they are not part of the original product.
  3. Unregistered versions of Mapwel software products may be given to friends and associates.