How to install Mapwel?

Uninstall your current copy of Mapwel by clicking in Windows on "Start -> Programs -> Mapwel -> Uninstall Mapwel" command. Download installation file of Mapwel from and save somewhere on your hard disk (save for example into folder C:\My Documents). Start this saved installation file in Windows (select Start -> Run -> Browse -> C:\My Documents\ -> OK) and allow to unzip into proper folder (default folder C:\Program Files\Mapwel is recommended).

How to install Mapwel on the new/another computer?

Never copy Mapwel software from the old computer on the new - copied Mapwel is not working correctly!
Mapwel as every program working with Windows must be installed.

Mapwel is unable to detect my GPS

How to use Mapwel with Garmin Mobile XT?

Map created with Mapwel software is not visible on the GPS screen.

I use custom colors, symbols and fill patterns in my maps and some of them are displayed in weird colors in the GPS

My custom map completely covers the underlying maps. Is it possible to make them show through my map?

Map in GPS is displayed in other colors than those that are visible in Mapwel

My auto-vectorized map is displayed as a large colored squares and details appear only when I zoom in to 120 m

Map looks good in Mapwel, but after loading to GPS the polylines and/or polygons become distorted and look like zig-zag line

I try to load map from Mapwel to GPS device, but following error message appears: Windows - No Disk Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c

Auto-vectorized raster map is displayed in GPS as a large blue square and there are no details visible

When I import tracks from GPS to Mapwel the long tracks seem to be truncated

Conversion of existing Mapwel map into routable map

  1. When map is loaded into the work area of Mapwel software, you have to select all polylines which are supposed to be roads (main menu > Select > Lines > Roads) and use main menu > Convert > Convert Line to Routable Road function. 

  2. Then use main menu > Routing > Detect Intersections function to mark nodes where roads connect one to another. Now you have map that can be compiled as routable map.

  3. The next steps you need to do is to mark border nodes, assign Oneway attribute to respective roads, define road class, max. speed and turn restrictions in nodes. Even if you do not define these parameters, the map can be compiled and will act as routable map in GPS, but navigation will be not 100% accurate because of the missing information. For example, it will lead you to oneway streets from opposite direction or select lower quality roads. We do strongly recommend to set at least Oneway attribute and Road Class parameter. You can set Road Class according to object type. For example, use main menu > Select > Routable Roads > Type... to select all objects of 'Unpaved road' type, open Properties window and set their Road Class parameter to Unclassified.

How to use IMG file from Mapwel with Mapset Toolkit?

  1. Use main menu >File >Properties > Map ID of Mapwel software tab to set user defined ID to map. Check 'User Defined' option and insert some 8 digits map ID number. This number must be unique among all maps in GPS. Check the 'Use as a file name' option.

  2. On the same tab check the 'User Defined' map set data option. Select some Map Family ID and Product ID.

  3. Uncheck 'User Defined Styles' in the map parameters tab in the same window to avoid merging of user styles file to the main map file. If you want to use user defined styles with your map, export styles into TYP.txt file with use of main menu > Objects > User Defined Styles > File.

  4. Make sure that map has 'Background Area' object which defines the shape of the map. If there is no such object, draw it manually. It can have irregular shape or it can be just rectangle.

  5. Export map into IMG file format.

  6. Load IMG file to Mapset Toolkit. Load TYP.txt file into respective box. Previous steps were made to ensure compatibility with Mapset Toolkit, which should be achieved at this point.

  7. If map installed with Mapset Toolkit is blank, do the following: increase zoom level of all objects in Mapwel and re-export map to IMG file format.  Make sure that folder where map files are installed has correct name.

We are having an issue with custom maps being distorted when putting them on different Garmin units. They work fine on Gamin 76Cx but when put onto Garmin 60Cx the view levels become distorted

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I am starting a business making GPS maps and I would like to use Mapwel. Would we require additional agreements of any kind?