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Mapwel 2016, Build 14.0
  • Fix to import of OSM files
Mapwel 2015, Build 13.0
  • Fix to import of OSM files with large node ID
Mapwel 2015, Build 12.0
  • Faster screen rendering
Mapwel 2013, Build 11.0
  • Fix to processing of errorneous polylines and polygons of null size from the shapefiles. This allows to preserve correct object labeling
  • Fix to displaying of icon border on work area of Mapwel
  • Change to translation of highway tag from OSM files
Mapwel 2012, Build 10.0
  • Fix to import of waypoints and tracks from SD card.
  • Max. size of custom point icons increased from 24 pixels to 32 pixels.
  • Fix to processing of toll roads.
  • MapUpload: change of folder where redistributable exe file is created. User/Documents folder used instead of application folder to avoid problems with access privileges when user is not logged as Administrator.
Mapwel 2012, Build 9.9
  • Fix to map compilation
  • Fix to splitting of large OpenStreetMap (.OSM) files
Mapwel 2012, Build 9.8
  • Native 64-bit version available
  • Faster and smoother switching to node editing mode and back
  • Import of external styles for KML and KMZ files (requires Internet connection)
  • Fix to OpenStreetMap download
  • Fix to keeping the top-most position of road network diagnostic window
  • Fix to use of Mapwel under 64-bit Windows with Nuvi 34xx, 25xx, eTrex20, eTrex30
Mapwel 2012, Build 9.7
  • Import of land and depth contours with altitude data from Google Earth KML and KMZ files
  • Enhancement to automatic detection of intersection nodes on roads - detects nodes closer than 25cm
  • Fix to import of GDB files
  • Fix to handling characters with special encoding (like Chinese and Korean)
  • Fix to compilation of OpenStreetMap OSM maps
  • Fix to OSM files split tool
  • Fix to compilation of long roads with house numbering
  • Fix to COM ports and USB-COM controller support
  • Fix to displaying coordinates on rulers at some zoom levels
Mapwel 2012 Build 9.6
  • Fix to import of GDB files
  • Fix to "Save Selected As" function
Mapwel 2012 Build 9.5
  • Fix to problem with import of OziExplorer calibrated map with UTM grid, southern hemisphere
  • Enhancement to export of map into KML format. Export of user-defined color of polygons and polylines
  • Fix to import of POIs and map features from MP files
Mapwel 2012 Build 9.4
  • Fix to problem with reading GPS ID and registration
Mapwel 2012 Build 9.3
  • Fix to various problems introduced by move to the new development environment
  • Faster identification of older Nuvis
Mapwel 2012 Build 9.2
  • Fix to various problems introduced in version 9.0 by move to the new development environment
  • New tutorial in help files and PDF manual: How to create a roundabout
Mapwel 2012 Build 9.1
  • Fix to various problems caused by user logged not as administrator
Mapwel 2012 Build 8.9
  • Fix to downloader tool (connection to new OpenStreetMap servers)
Mapwel 2011 Build 8.8
  • Fix to import of geotiff images
  • Enhanced support of geotiff images calibrated with matrix
  • Enhanced memory management for calibration of large images (applies for manual calibration and import of geotiff and oziexplorer images)
  • Fix to compatibility of exported KML files with latest build of Google Earth
  • Enhancement to assignment of zoom levels to map objects during map compilation
  • Wizard for import of shapefiles: hints added to help set conversion table in step 2 correctly
Mapwel 2011 Build 8.7
  • Fix to export of access permissions to MP file
  • Fix to import of routing data from MP file
  • Fix to import of distance units from shapefile wizard settings
Mapwel 2011 Build 8.6
  • Fix to problem with opening some older mpw files
  • Fix to problem with loading maps to GPSMAP 276, 296, 376 or similar, with 512 mb card.
  • Option to skip creation of program group during installation (to be used with Mac, CrossOver)
Mapwel 2011 Build 8.5
  • Enhancement to handling of large images (memory management)
  • Enhancement to autovectorization (memory management)
  • New feature: save and open settings for import of ESRI shapefiles. This feature allows to re-use stored settings.
  • Dialog window for import of WPT and PLT files
  • Option to cancel merging of files
  • Fix to assignment of user-defined map feature icons to points imported from shapefiles
Mapwel 2011 Build 8.4
  • Fix to problem with negative values for spot elevation and land contour.
  • Completed Italian translation of the program (thanks Caty)
  • Customization window for export of KMZ files: adjustable tile size, draw order and opacity (Please note: Garmin GPS may require max. tile size 1024x1024 pixels)
  • Fix to import of OziExplorer calibrated image with grid coordinates and projection other than UTM
  • Fix to import of OziExplorer calibrated image with coordinates crossing the equator
Mapwel 2011 Build 8.3
  • Faster compilation to IMG format
  • Fix to autovectorization freezing
  • Unique temporary file names for each instance of Mapwel, to allow simultaneous use of multiple Mapwel instances.
  • Cleaner resampling of raster image during calibration (and GeoTiff and OziExplorer files import)
  • New short-cut to snap selected node to nearest node (key '2').
  • Fix to import of KMZ files with missing <name> tags.
Mapwel 2011 Build 8.2
  • New tool to diagnose the road network errors: main menu > Routing > Road Network Diagnostic Tool
  • Import of turn restrictions from cGPSmapper MP files
  • Fix to import of shapefiles: attributes correlation in case of extremely small objects, colors of user-defined lines
  • Preserving file name when exporting border nodes
  • Fix to image dissapearing problem
  • Fix to import of OziExplorer calibrated map with projection and calibration points with lat/lon coordinates
Mapwel 2011 Build 8.1
  • Fix to conversion of Albers Equal Area projection
  • Faster screen drawing
  • Fix to reading raster images from KMZ and KML files
Mapwel 2011 Build 8.0
  • Enhancement to import of KMZ and KML files with raster images import and merge of multiple images, not just one
  • New commands in main menu > Routing > Export Border Nodes, Import Reference Border Nodes to help synchronisation of border nodes between individual adjoined maps
  • Fix to import of GDB files
  • Enhancement to Russian translation (thanks Vladimir)
  • New command in main menu > Objects > Delete Duplicate (Identical) Objects, to identify and erase unwanted duplicite objects
  • Enhancement to displaying of POIs and Map Features on Nuvi 1490.
  • Fast pan screen mode extended to other work modes (image calibration, cropping, rotation)
  • Fix to upload of maps with MapUpload
Mapwel 2011 Build 7.9
  • New option in main menu > Image > Export as Calibrated KMZ to save georeferenced raster image from Mapwel to KMZ file (multi tile support). Such file can be used with Google Earth and with some new GPS models (Oregon, Dakota, Colorado,GPSMAP 62, GPSMAP 78). GPS firmware upgrade may be necessary to display KMZ raster files.
  • New pan screen mode: depress right mouse button on the work area and drag cursor to a new position. This action temporarily switches on the pan tool instead of actual mode. When button is released, program returns to previous mode.
  • Support of curve elements on routable roads. Smoothness of curve is defined by "Precision/Data Size" control in main menu > File > Properties >
  • Support of special letters in text ASCII labels imported from shapefiles.
  • Fix to import of GDB files
  • Fix to displaying of user defined Map Feature icons on GPSMAP 62 and new Nuvi models (1490, for example) map must be re-compiled in build 7.9
  • Fix to scrolling work area with arrow keys.
Mapwel 2011 Build 7.8
  • Fix to displaying of user defined POIs on GPSMAP62 and new Nuvi models (1490, for example) map must be re-compiled in build 7.8
  • Fix to installation of Mapwel to selected folder
  • Faster detection of OpenStreetMap server availability
  • Fix to using selected properties for auto-traced objects 
  • Fix to automatic generation of map ID
Mapwel 2011 Build 7.7
  • Fix to routing
  • Fixes to Russian language translation
Mapwel 2011 Build 7.6
  • Fix to OSM files splitting - processing files without 'bounds' data
  • Fix to OSM files splitting into folder with space characters in name
Mapwel 2011 Build 7.5
  • Fix to problem with error message 'multiple background areas' in downloaded OSM files
  • Fix to import OziExplorer *.MAP files with decimal UTM or other grid coordinates
  • Fix to uploading of some custom IMG files
  • Indicator of duplicite map ID when uploading or merging IMG files. 
  • Fix to uploading maps to internal memory of some GPS units (Oregon, Colorado ...)
  • New feature in Properties window - list with 5 last used types (accessible via button with arrow icon). Saves time when selecting the same icon, texture or line type over again.
  • Change to installer window - option to install Mapwel to any folder, not just Program Files.
Mapwel 2010 Build 7.4
  • New tool for splitting and conversion of large OSM files (main menu > Tools > OSM splitter)
  • Much faster compilation of large routable maps into IMG format.
  • Multiple enhancements to OSM files processing: faster loading, more icons supported, import of emergency access points, import of POI address and phone data, import of turn restrictions, better identification of roundabouts, better sea polygons generation, preferred language option (see below)
  • New control - Preferred Language of OSM Labels in main preferences (applies to Open and Merge file commands), OSM downloader and OSM splitter
  • Fix to image calibration if grid coordinate system is used and coordinates span multiple grid cells.
  • Fix to handling of files larger than 2 gigabytes
  • New 'fast node insert' mode for easy insertion of nodes anywhere on the object edge. "a" key depressed + left mouse click in editing/creation mode inserts new nodes after any selected node, not just at the end of the edge.
  • New commands in main menu > Nodes - Select First Node and Select Last Node. These commands help to locate first or last node quickly. 
  • Fix to displaying of 'island name' and long polylines icon in the object inspector
  • Fix to coding U-turn restriction in map file.
  • Fix to import of access restriction and road parameters from MP file
Mapwel 2010 Build 7.3
  • Fix to automatic split of complex polygons with holes
  • Import of one-way, toll road and restriction access attributes from MP files
  • Fix to displaying of mapset and map names in the GPS map list when maps with different FID and PID are uploaded.
  • Fix to "Unknown error during transfer" when changing GPS units when map upload window is open.
  • Fix to displaying of OpenStreetMap when opening the downloader window.
  • Fix to upload of maps with a large number of icons.
Mapwel 2010 Build 7.2
  • Fix to occasional slowing down and crashing of program
  • Italian translation of MapUpload (by Pier L. M.)
Mapwel 2010 Build 7.1
  • Support for Garmin GPSMAP 62, 62s, 62st, 78, 78s, 78sc
  • Fix to setting "oneway" attribute to multiple roads at the same time
  • Fix to program slowing down after repeated editing of nodes
  • Fix to downloading of OpenStreetMap OSM files
  • Automatic creation of ocean polygon when downloading island or coastline area from OpenStreetMap
  • Trrafic side support for roundabouts
  • Fix to "Add to existing maps" function
  • Fix to FID and PID coding
  • German translation of MapUpload by Martin Knöpfle
  • Russian translation enhancement (Mcmimik, Cnfhbr)
Mapwel 2010 Build 7.0
  • Fix to identification of some flash drives (GPS models based on Linux)
  • Fix to OSM files downloading (folder names containing spaces)
  • In case of interruption of OSM file download, a new download skips the finished tiles and continues where the previous download stopped.
  • Fix to FID and PID coding
  • Russian translation of the main program (thanks Cnfhbr and mcmimik)
  • Fix to routing (maps with large number of intersections)
  • Fix to upload of larger than 2GB files from MapUpload
  • Fix to download of OSM files (for regional floating point format with , instead of .)
  • Enhancements to shapefiles import: 1. option ** ANY ** to assign Garmin type to all objects, regardless of attribute value, 2. fix to colors of imported roads, 3. displaying of coordinates scope in the open dialog preview to allow user to identify projected or lat/lon coordinates, 4. faster pop-up menu with Garmin types, 5. adding imported cities to Countries and Cities table.
  • Fix to import of City, Region and Country info from MP files.
  • Fix to import of certain POI types from MP files.
  • Fix to import of coastlines from OSM files.
  • Fix to import of georeferenced raster images from KML and KMZ files.
  • Import of land contours (elevation lines) and their labels from OSM files.
  • Calibration of vector data along with raster image when using Calibration Tool (main menu > Image > Calibration)
Mapwel 2010 Build 6.9
  • Fix to OSM files compilation
  • Fix to import of elevation units from MP files
  • Fix to merging and upload of IMG files
  • Fix to compilation of routable maps
  • Fix to detection of road intersections.
  • Fix to checking free memory size in GPS if larger than 2 gigabytes.
Mapwel 2010 Build 6.8
  • New pop-up menu for color palette: options to pick color from raster image. To open color definition window, please use double click instead of right mouse click.
  • New tool: Lasso for selection of objects with polygon. "Add" and "Subtract" options to modify existing selection.
  • Fix to sort functions.
  • Fix to uploading maps to GPS if multiple USB devices are connected to computer.
  • Fix to uploading of IMG files to GPS.
  • "Retry" button in OpenStreetMap download window. Clicking this button restarts download of recent tile after download interruption or stalling.
  • Fix to georeference of downloaded OSM files which boundaries lay in the ocean.
Mapwel 2010 Build 6.7
  • New tool for download of large OpenStreetMaps (main menu > Tools > Download Free Maps)
  • Option to define the mapset name (main menu File > Properties > ID tab) and display it in the GPS.
  • 'Map transparency' control moved to Properties window (main menu > File > Properties) to allow each map to have its own transparency setting.
  • Several commands like Upload IMG Files to GPS, Batch Conversion, Merge IMG Files and few others moved to a new menu item 'Tools'.
  • Support of Garmin Nuvifone M20.
  • Enhancement of OSM files support (faster loading and larger files support)
  • Buttons for zooming to selected object(s) and zooming and editing of selected object(s) added to horizontal button bar at top of the window.
  • Fix to compilation of border nodes for stitching of maps.
  • Faster intersection nodes detection
  • Visualisation of oneway roads (arrows in the driving direction)
  • User defined styles are now available also for routable roads. These styles are shared with common line objects.
  • New commands to calculare area and perimeter of polygons and length of lines. These commands are accessible via main menu > Objects > Calculate
  • Fix to function 'restore zoom levels' in Properties window.
  • Limit for max. house number changed from 5000 to 50000.
  • Fix to house numbering.
  • Support for copying raster image from clipboard to work area (CTRL+V).
  • 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 colors options added to autovectorization.
  • Fix to the double stereographic projection (New Brunswick projection, for example).
  • Russian language option in MapUpload (authors: Mcmimik, Cnfhbr).
  • New commands to locate and delete unused intersections (main menu > Routing)
  • Enhanced support of routing data in shapefiles: import of ZIP, city, state and country information.
  • Support of loading calibrated raster images from KML and KMZ files (main menu > Image >).
Mapwel 2009 Build 6.6
  • Support of routable maps with turn-by-turn navigation
  • Expanded options for importing of ESRI shapefiles. Added controls for import of routing parameters
  • Enhanced import of OpenStreetMap *.OSM files.
  • Support of Lambert Conformal Conic projection in OziExplorer calibrated maps
Mapwel 2009 Build 6.5
  • Support of Google Earth *.KMZ files (import)
  • Support of Garmin types encoded in KML and KMZ files with CDATA tags
  • Important change: maps with different Map Set Data (Family ID, Product ID and Region ID) can use different sets of user defined styles (colors). It is no longer necessarry to use the same user defined styles for all maps in GPS
  • Map Set Data available in auto-vectorization window to allow each map to have its own color palette
  • 'Display GPS ID' window changed so that ID can be selected into clipboard
Mapwel 2009 Build 6.4
  • Support of map set info (map family, product ID, region ID and sub-region ID) to allow separatelly switch on/off groups of maps in GPS. Map Set info is accessible via main menu > File > Properties > ID tab
  • Fix to import of KML files
  • Fix to maps compilation
  • Zoom levels of objects displayed in true units instead of index
Mapwel 2009 Build 6.3
  • Fix to black lines in calibrated image
  • Fix to preserving zoom levels in Mapwel after upload of map into GPS
  • Adding cities from OSM files to Cities&Countries table 
  • Fix to import of GeoTiffs with UTM/NAD83
  • Fix to exporting maps with very large number of POIs
  • New command main menu > Convert > Move Comment to Name. This command allows to merge Name and Comment labels
Mapwel 2009 Build 6.2
  • Fix to OSM files import: UTF-8 encoding support, recognition of holes in polygons
  • Fix to KML files import (polylines)
  • Fix to OSM files merging
  • Fix to single point GDB, GPX, OSM and KML files import
  • Support of Krovak projection
  • Fix to calibration of map spanning several UTM zones
  • Fix to 'Not valid Mapwel file' problem
Mapwel 2009 Build 6.1
  • fix to POI indexing
  • faster compilation of maps into IMG format
  • fix to map visibility on some GPS units (276C, 376C)
  • fix to OSM files import (coastlines which are not closed)
Mapwel 2009 Build 6.0
  • Support to calibration of map that spans several UTM zones
  • Support of georeferenced GeoTiff files (current version does not support all projections and datums)
  • Support of Albers Equal Area projection
  • Command line support in MapUpload. Use command in form MapUpload.exe file1.img file2.img file3.img to load multiple img files to MapUpload (from .bat file, for example).
  • Fix to merging maps into a single file larger than 2 gigabytes
  • Sorting of objects now preserves grouped objects, when possible
  • Fix to calibration (datum conversion)
  • Fix to loading of shapefiles with null item(s)
Mapwel 2009 Build 5.9
  • Fix to feet conversion bug introduced in build 5.8
Mapwel 2009 Build 5.8
  • Fix to calibration issues
  • Enhancement of large images handling
  • Support of Transverse Mercator projection with user parameters in OziExplorer *.MAP files
Mapwel 2009 Build 5.7
  • Fix to calibration issues
  • Fix to import of OziExplorer calibrated images
  • Support of Mercator projection
Mapwel 2009 Build 5.6
  • Support of OpenStreetMap (*.osm) files. These maps can be downloaded from
  • Support of more OziExplorer calibrated maps (up to 9 points, several projections including UTM, British, Irish and Swiss grid, and almost all datums).
  • Fix to not visible ot distorted autovectorized map.
  • Enhancement to autovectorization - use of embeded image palette to prevent colors shift when combining several images with the same palette, but not with all colors from palette really used. Until this version, Mapwel vectorized only used colors and this produced different order of colors in images which did not used all colors from the palette.
  • Support of larger images (up to 30000 x 30000 pixels)
  • Fix to color reduction
  • Coordinates now can have different grid codes, i.e. map can span several grid cells.
  • Fix to single point shape import
  • support of 4-9 points calibration.
  • Fix to large maps compilation. Current version of Mapwel can produce IMG files of max. 17-30 megabytes size, depending on number of text labels (17 megabytes without text labels). This applies to an IMG file that contains single map. Multiple IMG files can be merged together into a much larger (several gigabytes) IMG file.
  • When using trace tool with "Add Similar" option, adjanced selected pixels are treated as one object (not as a separate objects).
  • Faster opening of large mpw files.
  • Faster work area operations for maps with large number of objects
  • Added double stereographic projection (NAD 1983 CSRS98 New Brunswick, NAD 1983 CSRS98 Prince Edward_Island, RD Old, RD New, Deir ez Zor Levant, Stereo 33) and oblique mercator projection (swiss grid and few others).
  • MapUpload: file upload gauge now works for more unit types (Nuvi, Zumo, Oregon, Colorado ...).
  • Faster autovectorization
  • Fix to assignment of numerical values to object's name and comment when importing shapefiles
  • Options like 'upper case' and 'lower case' for import of strings from shapefiles.
  • fix to displaying of special characters (like Russian characters)
Mapwel 2009 Build 5.5
  • Support of various encodings of characters (main menu > Edit > Preferences > Map > Characters Encoding). This option allows to display special characters (like chinese, slavic ...) on the GPS. Technical note: only ANSI characters which codes fit into single byte are supported. Unicode is not supported.
  • Fix to program freezing
  • Fix to loading of shapefiles with points
  • Fix to compilation of large-scale maps into img file
  • British and Irish grid letters support
  • Support of larger images (up to 15000 x 15000 pixels)
  • Added European Datum 1950
  • New command in editing mode "Reduce Nodes Number" to simplify edited polyline or polygon.
  • New command in main menu > Transform > "Reduce Nodes Number" to simplify selected objects (polylines and polygons).
  • Fix to hints for 'move' and 'crop' image buttons.
  • New option 'Include nighttime colors' in autovectorization window. Uncheck this option if you want to use only daytime colors.
  • Fix to black lines on image after calibration.
  • Larger max. size of user defined icons (24x24 pixels). Please note: some units may support max. 16x16 pixels.
  • New command to create a transparent grid with labels from the polygons. Use main menu > Convert > Area to Transparent Grid Cell, to convert selected polygons into outlines and label in the center of each polygon.
Mapwel 2009 Build 5.4
  • Fix to stopping of map compilation caused by errors in Countries and Cities table
  • Enhancement of thin lines auto-tracing
  • Faster rendering of map at large zoom (in Mapwel work area)
  • Fix to freezing of autovectorization 
  • Fix to import of attributes (like road names) for shapefiles
Mapwel 2009 Build 5.3
  • Fix to weird colors displayed by GPS if multiple separately auto-vectorized maps with the same color palette loaded at the same time
  • Increased default "Draw Priority" of Mapwel maps (use main menu > File > Properties to change), to avoid invisibility of Mapwel maps when used together with other detailed maps
  • Fix to identification of GPS memory card
  • Fix to disappearing image problem
  • Fix to export of map into IMg format
  • Fix to occassional crashing of Mapwel when entering object's name
Mapwel 2009 Build 5.2
  • Fix to identification of GPS memory card
Mapwel 2008 Build 5.1
  • fix to import of shp files in UTM
  • fix to COM ports identification
  • fix to autovectorization
  • Fix to objects shaping > Intersection
Mapwel 2008 Build 5.0
  • New tool for direct calibration of raster images. 2 and 3 points calibration supported. Main menu > Image > Calibrate
  • Option to define custom Transverse Mercator and Lambert Conformal Conic projections (folder Mapwel > SETTINGS > Userprj.INI file)
  • Garmin Oregon, Astra and Mobile XT support
  • Fix to autovectorization algorithm
  • Fix to Lambert Conic Conformal projection
  • Enhancement of autovectorized maps zoom control
  • New command "Select" in the main menu with options to select objects of the same type at once, and to scroll and zoom to selected object(s)
  • New command "Zoom to Selected Objects" in the main menu > Select and in the pop-up menu.
  • Enhanced "Simplicity" control of the trace tool. Better approximation of raster object and lower (about 50%) number of nodes.
  • Highlighting contours of selected objects
  • Fix to contour lines elevation
  • Mapwel remembers folder to save and open user types
  • + and - keys (numeric keypad) to zoom in and out
  • Fix to loading of TIFF images
  • Enhanced automatical placement of label for polygons
Mapwel 2008 Build 4.9
  • Max. Colors control for autovectorization added. This allows user to affect the map data size and speed of rendering
  • Fix to entering of coordinates
  • Fix to merging mpw files without image
  • Enhanced internal storage of image to avoid color distortion (for auto-vectorization and tracing)
Mapwel 2008 Build 4.8
  • Enhanced memory management for large image autovectorization, compilation of large map files into IMG format and uploading (especially adding) maps to GPS. Allows to handle larger files.
  • Lambert Conformal Conic projection support added (about 300 projections)
  • Autovectorization of large images: splitting into separate mpw files and creation of single overall img file.
  • Fix to boundary of map - no empty border in GPS
Mapwel 2008 Build 4.7
  • New option: main menu > GPS > Erase Specific Maps > erase maps from IMG file on PC
  • Open/merge multiple files at once (including shapefiles)
Mapwel 2008 Build 4.6
  • Fix to map georeferencing
Mapwel 2008 Build 4.5
  • Fix to erasing objects when cropping image
  • Faster work with very large maps
  • Fix to map compilation issue - missing parts of polygons
  • New Zealand NZTM projection support
  • Fix to import of SHP files with Garmin types
  • Fix to import of OziExplorer calibrated maps
  • Warning when trying to upload map without vectors
  • Changes to MapUpload: support of Licence Agreement and prepared for language translation
Mapwel 2008 Build 4.4
  • Fix to merging files without raster image
  • Faster work with very large maps
  • Fix to export and compilation of large maps
Mapwel 2008 Build 4.3
  • Enhancements of image autovectorization: more colors supported (86), faster processing, faster rendering in GPS, automatical reduction of image colors, automatical image resampling
  • Increased number of user defined polygon styles (to 86)
Mapwel 2008 Build 4.2
  • Fix to import of elevation data from MP files 
  • Added 'undo' feature for trace tool
  • Automatical recognition of projection when loading shp file with prj (if projection is found among Mapwel predefined projections)
  • Fix to autovectorization of images with 16 colors
Mapwel 2008 Build 4.1
  • Colorado support
  • Trace tool: wider "simplicity" slider range
  • Trace tool: joining regions of contiguous object when using "Add" mode
  • Fix to displaying text labels on Zumo
Mapwel 2008 Build 4.0
  • Georeferencing of raster images in grid (UTM and other) and angular coordinates
  • Enhanced precision of coordinates conversion
  • Fix to batch conversion of MP files
  • Fix to merging files
Mapwel 2008 Build 3.9
  • Support of scanner (TWAIN)
  • Fix to files loading and merging
  • Fix to GPX files support
Mapwel 2008 Build 3.8
  • Support (including export) of Keyhole Markup Language (*.KML) file
  • New 'Snap to Object Edges' option to snap edited nodes to edges of other objects
  • Creation of distributable .EXE files from set of IMG files (this function is available in the MapUpload program). Optional locking to the specific GPS ID. Warning: this protection method is not 100% secure,
  • Enhancement and fix to autovectorization function
  • Fix to occassional random change of the line type
  • Fixed issue with dissapearing raster image when merging files
  • Fix to displaying POI address (city, region and country) on GPS
  • Fix to rotation of large images
  • Fix to trace tool
Mapwel 2008 Build 3.7
  • Partial support (may not work on all files) of Garmin GPS database file format (*.GDB)
  • Fix to merging GPX files
  • Fix to POI attributes getting lost
  • Faster editing of nodes at higher zoom
  • Fix to unexpected change of object zoom level when changing 'Preferences'
  • Fix to displaying of last object name
  • Enhanced eTrex HCx support
  • Zumo support
  • Windows metafile .EMF and ,WMF support
  • Fixed Street Pilot c510, 530, 550 and 580 support
  • Fix to naming merged IMG files
  • More than 450 projections added to import of SHP files
  • Automatical "one-click" vectorization of raster images (satellite imagery or scanned maps) for quick use in GPS. This function (main menu > Image > Automatical Vectorization) needs paletted image with 6-10 colors. Optimum results are for images approximatelly 2000x2000 pixels, covering about 1km x 1km area.
  • Enhanced trace tool
  • Fix to compilation of large maps
  • Fix to editing of cities names
  • Fix to import of shapefile attributes
  • New command "main menu > Convert > Create Circle around Point," to create reference circle of defined radius around selected points
  • New command "main menu > Transform > Transformation Window" to align 2 or more selected objects
  • Enhanced import of GPX files (import of "desc" field)
  • Easier identification of Background Areas (highlighted in object inspector + placed on top of the inspector's list when imported from MP files)
Mapwel 2007 Build 3.6
  • Fix in vectorization algorithm
  • Switch (Properties window, map tab, "More usre lines" check box) to turn on/off more user defined lines. New user defined lines replace some default types (3  roads and few other lines). This option is intended for users that need many user lines and less road types.
  • Fixed problem with deleting part of polylines when exporting to img or uploading map to GPS
Mapwel 2007 Build 3.5
  • Faster compilation of large maps
  • Import function in editor of User Defined Styles to load icons in BMP or other raster formats
  • Disabled Zoom Preview control when it is not visible
Mapwel 2007 Build 3.4
  • Enhancements in map uploading
  • Fixed displaying of characters '.' and '-' in GPS
Mapwel 2007 Build 3.3
  • Fixed problem with saving user defined lines
  • Fixed problem with grouping of objects in merged file to already existing group of objects
Mapwel 2007 Build 3.2
  • Windows Vista™ compatibility
  • Fixed problem with not saving image after "move"
  • Fixed problem with trace tool (tracing of holes in areas)
  • Fixed some issues with maps upload
  • Added GPS memory size check and overflow protection to both Mapwel and MapUpload
  • Faster compilation of large topographic maps
  • Corrected set of available lines (added Other HWY, Collector Road, Ramp-High Speed, removed 3 user defined styles)
  • Added support for special (ANSI) characters in country&city table and map objects name and comment.
  • Fix in loading shapefile that has number of items in DBF lower than number of items in SHP
  • New "Save Whole Set" and "Open Whole Set" commands added to User Defined Styles window to make copying of symbols from one map to another easier
  • Fixed distortion of map objects after import of image
  • Function "Group" now works also on incontiguous (in terms of the object inspector list) set of objects.
Mapwel 2007 Build 3.1
  • Fixed issue with changing colors of imported images
  • Fixed problem with copy/paste
  • Reading/writing of Map Draw Priority from/to MP file
Mapwel 2007 Build 3.0
  • Map Draw Priority parameter (Properties window - "Map" tab)